Becoming the Lender

Becoming a Lender does not have just to be a dream; it can be your reality. This show is all about taking your current financial situation and turning into a life that you desire. With a lot of faith and financial literacy, you can do #allthings! Your journey to Financial Independence may not look like mine, but I hope my story and the stories of others who join the show inspire you to start NOW!

I have so much good news for you in this episode!!! Tune in to learn more about ditching your 9-5 with a solid financial plan! I do not believe in jumping/risking it all for a business. I believe in planning and having a financial exit plan to make the transition to CEO (SHEO) seamless!  


Managing Money to Leave Your 9-5 [6:49]


Time Management [10:51]


Investing in your Biz While Working a 9-5 [14:56]


Removing Financial Strain and Pausing for Financial Shift [17:30]

48: The New Employees

Today I sat down with Adunola Adeshola from Employee Redefined and talked about how to get to the money at your corporate 9-5 job! I get it, the entire internet, including me, is talking about how to start a business and a side hustle, but we are missing 1 key place to increase your income YOUR DAY JOB. That's what we dive into today so press the play button! 

How to have the promotion conversation [9:00]

Great Interview Questions to Land the Job [16:00]

Your Purpose Based on the Season [23:10]

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47: Making $5K as a VA

Close your eyes, Raise your hand if you have ever felt personally victimized by Fed Loans or Sally Mae, now open your eyes lol. I get it, we have all been there and afraid to answer the phone because it could be them!! I literally believe I found the keys to paying off student loan debt by joining the done for you AKA VA side hustle world. Press play and learn more about if you got the skills to pay the bills! 


What is a Virtual Assistant [8:25]


Different Types of Virtual Assistants that are online [10:15]


Earning Potential as a Virtual Assistant [14:49]


How to Get Clients as a VA [18:59]


Things you may need as a new VA:

1. Sara Wiles (tell her Fran sent you!)

2. Acuity for Scheduling: Acuity Scheduling

3. Dubsado for Client Management (CRM):

Fran is joined by Sahirenys today, a millennial finance mom. She was raised and born in San Diego, California, where she lives with her husband and two babies. Sahirenys is a first-generation college graduate with a degree in finance and financial planning from CSUN. Sahirenys is passionate about helping spread the knowledge of personal finance. 

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45: Save My Cents

Today Fran met with Shang from Save My Cents!

Shang has a passion for changing people's lives forever through personal finance. She and her husband learned to live off of the lower of one income in New York City and subsequently achieved a net worth off of which they could retire early. Using this newfound flexibility, Shang established Save My Cents as a passion project to educate people online about getting out of debt, saving, and investing to reach financial freedom. She uses a no-nonsense approach to changing one's mindset and approaching the behavioral paradigm shifts required to be successful in building financial habits. Shang has degrees from Harvard and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. 


Today, Shang is offering all of my listeners 20% off a 3-month subscription of her "Save My AMAs" digital product. It's a monthly subscription that sends out her responses to common questions Shang answers on her Instagram about personal finance, retirement, investing, career and networking in the United States. People have learned how to grow their wealth and increase their income through these Q&As. The code is save20 and the purchase link is



44: 2020 Money Goals!

Tune in and Fran provides more information on how she sets financial goals as we jump into a new decade! You do not want to go into 2020 without a plan for your finances! 

In this episode, Fran talks all about Affirmations and how this can help you with leveling up and really begin to secure the bag! 

42: Honey Dough Sisters

Ashley and Brittany, also known as The Honey Dough Sisters. They wanted to start a movement, a movement to where their community could be educated on financial literacy. Through the ten years of working in the banking industry, they realized these big financial institutions do not teach people how to grow, protect, and leave generational wealth to their families. Ashley and Brittany are determined to make a lasting impact on other families and their loved ones. ⁣

They want others to be financially blessed rather than live in this world of being financially stressed. Ashley and Brittany believe God called us to help people achieve financial success, and we’re going to fulfill His mission.⁣


Follow them on Instagram @_honeydough_, and they have a blog at, so go check them out!

41: Being Felicia Kelly

Felicia Kelly is the founder and president of Cyrus Anointing Consulting, a lifestyle development company that provides customized solutions and financial education to small businesses. She is a speaker, consultant, and money management expert primarily known for her faith-based brand,

Coaching Christians to Coins®.


She has seen first hand how money affects life, business, and every area in between, so for over a decade; she has been helping clients to make strategically powerful decisions that increase revenue and cash flow to ensure they operate their lives and businesses at the highest level possible.


40: That Finance Chick

AttiQuewa Green is a millennial financial educator with over 10 years of personal finance experience. She teaches women how to break generational cycles & build generational wealth through financial literacy, life insurance and investing- no matter what they’ve gone through or what they believe is holding them back. At this point in her career, she’s helped over 500 people start their financial journey and she aims to at least double that number every year through her platform!

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