Becoming the Lender

Becoming a Lender does not have just to be a dream; it can be your reality. This show is all about taking your current financial situation and turning into a life that you desire. With a lot of faith and financial literacy, you can do #allthings! Your journey to Financial Independence may not look like mine, but I hope my story and the stories of others who join the show inspire you to start NOW!

You looking for a few extra money or a side hustle that you can start while you have a little extra time? Hit play and learn about a few online hustles you can start today! 


Online Side Hustles [5:02]


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You ever think man I could go for some steak from this or that place but it's closed or you are trying to save some coins? Well, I got you boo just hit play! 


Fran's Chick-Fil-A Obsession is back [1:05]

5 tips for Using Pinterest to Save your Food Budget [3:15] 

Ways to Involve your Kids [11:18]

Recap! [15:41]

Y'all, when an emergency strikes and you are not ready... Guess what? It is STILL not too late! If you are nervous about how to get through a storm, listen to this episode! 

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56: Lady Boss Finance

Amanda Henry is a Sr. Digital Strategy Lead at Google, Melanin Millennial Women in Tech Advocate, and Founder of LadyBossFinance. Lady Boss Finance is a platform focused on empowering women on the essence of making money moves by unapologetically going after everything life has to offer – knowing success is in their DNA – all while carrying themselves with style and grace. She brings over 8 years of experience in the art of living an intent-filled life while navigating the unknowns of career, marriage, and financial independence. You can find her on Instagram @LadyBossFinance | Twitter @mrsamandajhenry | LinkedIn

55: Finances On Point

You ever wonder how people shift their mindset from lack to abundance... that is exactly what Stephanie and I chat about! Press play now! 

About Stephanie [1:03]

Making Finances a Priority [7:48]

How to tell Yourself No to Spending [13:01]

Mindset Shifts [25:03]


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54: How to Tell People NO!

You ever feel like you wish you were the Oprah of money and just want to tell everyone "you get a 50, you get a 100 everybody gets some MONEY"? Well right now I am not (you might be in the same boat!) so we need to know how to say NO now so that we can become the Oprahs of the future!!! Press play and learn how to gently say no while still providing your friends and family with some assistance! 


Ways to say No to giving money [1:12]

How to feel better about saying No [11:02]


Y'all know I love a good strategic planning session with Jesus and I found a friend who also shares the same love! Raven is back for part two all about Faith + Finance! 

Raven is a serial entrepreneur hailing from Timmonsville SC. She currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio where she manages an accounting firm as well as traveling locally and nationally as a financial coach, heralding the message “Going For Wealth”. Raven graduated from Clemson University, is Certified Public Accountant(NC) and a Certified Fraud Examiner. 

Raven’s desire is to equip individuals with the knowledge and resources needed to break poverty and debt cycles. Facing financial troubles herself because of the ill choices she made in her early 20s, Raven has completely transformed her finances. On her 28th birthday, her net worth reached the multi-millions and she was able to quit her job in Corporate America to run her businesses full time. 

Raven is now blessed with the opportunity to teach others how she was able to pay down a mountain of student loan debt, credit card and car debt, while managing to travel internationally, open 2 businesses, create nonprofits, and enjoy life.

Raven is on a mission to debunk every money myth and show others that achieving financial freedom is not as hard as you may think. Raven does not teach others how to become rich, but she provides practical steps on how to Go For Wealth to live a life you deserve. 


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Y'all, everyone wants to be an HGTV house flipping rockstar and guess what, Raven is giving all the details on what it is like to for real for real flip a house. Here's a little more about Raven.

When it comes to ones knows money like Raven knows money.

Raven is on a mission to debunk every money myth and show others that achieving financial freedom is not as hard as you may think. Raven does not teach others how to become rich, but she provides practical steps on how to Go For Wealth to live a life you deserve. 


About Raven [0:58]

Raven's Introduction to Real Estate [4:01]

Prepping Homes for Flipping [15:02]

Selecting Tenants [21:08] 

Today I was joined by Melissa and Murphy (M&M). They have been married for nine years. A little over five years ago Murph began listening to the Dave Ramsey's Show podcast. In January 2014 they began Dave Ramsey’s baby steps with a total of $229,000.00 in debt. This daunting amount consisted of it student loans, lines of credit, credit cards, medical bills, IRS bills, cars, you name it we had it. It took Mel the first year to get on board, but once they started to gain momentum in their debt snowball they saw a huge shift in not only their finances but many other areas of their lives! One thing that they can express to you is that this journey will transform you in more ways than one! Today, THEY ARE DEBT FREE and they believe that through what they’ve learned they can encourage others to get their fitness/finances in order.


They Paid off over 200k in Debt [1:00]

Marriage and Budgeting [7:44]

Advice for Young Couples About Personal Finance [12:36]

Melissa and Murphy's Why [30:35]


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Aunt Kara is changing the game when it comes to travel hacking! Aunt Kara has been travel hacking before the term was coined by the online community and even before rewards programs had apps and websites for tracking! Tune in to learn how you can travel without overspending! 


Meet Aunt Kara [1:07]

How Kara began Travel Hacking in [3:24]

How to Budget for Travel Hacking [11:04]

Kara's Favorite Travel Cards [15:24]

Kara's Recent Travel Wins [30:45] 


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Want to get started with Travel cards? Here is a link to start with the Delta American Express Card. 


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