35: Savvy Girl Money

AShira Nelson is the creator of Savvy Girl Money. AShira is a wife, mom, and CPA. I've committed my life to helping people better their finances. Now, she is optimistically dedicated to helping millennials achieve their long-term financial goals. Despite whatever their financial history may look like, and whatever mistakes they have made with their money, AShira wants to help millennials realize that obtaining wealth is possible. She avoided many financial obstacles throughout her life, and she wants to help millennials do the same.
Most millennials have never been taught how to handle money. This is where Savvy Girl Money steps in! AShira wants to personally help millennials break generational habits when it comes to money. AShira can help eliminate a lot of stress by teaching you about finance. She works with individuals that don’t know what to do with their money, and how to manage their money. Essentially, they’re allowing their money to decide what they do. No more! It’s time to tell your money what it’s going to do.
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