36: financiALLI Focused

Alli Williams is a personal finance blogger at financiALLIfocused.com. She recently got married and is paying off six figures of debt. She paid for her wedding in cash while paying off debt, saving for retirement, and cash flowing her husband's school. She currently lives in South Carolina but was born and raised in New York. She hopes to build a community of empowered men and women who are equipped to set actionable financial goals and reach them. You can find her on IG at @financiallifocused and her Facebook group Millennial Money Moves. 


Alli will begin money coaching this winter!! This will be one-on-one coaching geared towards millennials who are trying to balance everyday life with paying off debt and saving for the future. Email alli@financiallifocused and put "BTL" in the subject line for 50% off the introductory rate. 

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