Today, Michael joins Fran to talk about Net Worth and how to increase it! 

Michael Lacy is a husband, father, and the founder of Winning To Wealth- a site dedicated to helping young families win with money.

After discovering that they were $61,000 in debt on their honeymoon, Michael and Taylor came up with a plan and were debt-free within 16 months.

Once Michael realized so many other young couples weren't having essential money conversations or practicing good money habits, he decided to become a financial coach.

Having been seen in publications like Forbes and CNBC, Michael is committed to spreading the message that millennial couples can work together to achieve financial wellness and leave a solid legacy for future generations.

His site, e-book, and online course were all created to provide couples with practical tips and resources to help them communicate about money more effectively, create shared financial goals, and ultimately, manage their money as a team with confidence. Find Michael on the internet on the following platforms:


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