Today Fran talked with Alexis about how to get to a place of generosity, while learning to give out of love instead of guilt. Tune in to learn more about teaching your children how to give, shifting your mindset to become more generous, and so much more! 


Alexis Busetti is a personal finance coach, wife, and mom to four littles in Houston, TX. She is the co-author of Entrusted With Money: A 90 Day Workbook for Building a Healthy Relationship With Your Finances and host of the podcast That Makes Total Sense!  Alexis has been quoted in articles for U.S. News & World Report Money section and featured on As a believer in wealth-building, generosity, and social justice, she encourages her clients and friends to do well for themselves, so they can do good for others! Use the link below to connect with Alexis and follow her on Instagram @alexisbusetti

Here is the episode to learn more about Sinking Funds: 


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