Today I was joined by Melissa and Murphy (M&M). They have been married for nine years. A little over five years ago Murph began listening to the Dave Ramsey's Show podcast. In January 2014 they began Dave Ramsey’s baby steps with a total of $229,000.00 in debt. This daunting amount consisted of it student loans, lines of credit, credit cards, medical bills, IRS bills, cars, you name it we had it. It took Mel the first year to get on board, but once they started to gain momentum in their debt snowball they saw a huge shift in not only their finances but many other areas of their lives! One thing that they can express to you is that this journey will transform you in more ways than one! Today, THEY ARE DEBT FREE and they believe that through what they’ve learned they can encourage others to get their fitness/finances in order.


They Paid off over 200k in Debt [1:00]

Marriage and Budgeting [7:44]

Advice for Young Couples About Personal Finance [12:36]

Melissa and Murphy's Why [30:35]


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