Becoming the Lender

Becoming a Lender does not have just to be a dream; it can be your reality. This show is all about taking your current financial situation and turning into a life that you desire. With a lot of faith and financial literacy, you can do #allthings! Your journey to Financial Independence may not look like mine, but I hope my story and the stories of others who join the show inspire you to start NOW!

42: Honey Dough Sisters

Ashley and Brittany, also known as The Honey Dough Sisters. They wanted to start a movement, a movement to where their community could be educated on financial literacy. Through the ten years of working in the banking industry, they realized these big financial institutions do not teach people how to grow, protect, and leave generational wealth to their families. Ashley and Brittany are determined to make a lasting impact on other families and their loved ones. ⁣

They want others to be financially blessed rather than live in this world of being financially stressed. Ashley and Brittany believe God called us to help people achieve financial success, and we’re going to fulfill His mission.⁣


Follow them on Instagram @_honeydough_, and they have a blog at, so go check them out!

41: Being Felicia Kelly

Felicia Kelly is the founder and president of Cyrus Anointing Consulting, a lifestyle development company that provides customized solutions and financial education to small businesses. She is a speaker, consultant, and money management expert primarily known for her faith-based brand,

Coaching Christians to Coins®.


She has seen first hand how money affects life, business, and every area in between, so for over a decade; she has been helping clients to make strategically powerful decisions that increase revenue and cash flow to ensure they operate their lives and businesses at the highest level possible.


40: That Finance Chick

AttiQuewa Green is a millennial financial educator with over 10 years of personal finance experience. She teaches women how to break generational cycles & build generational wealth through financial literacy, life insurance and investing- no matter what they’ve gone through or what they believe is holding them back. At this point in her career, she’s helped over 500 people start their financial journey and she aims to at least double that number every year through her platform!

Today Fran talked with Alexis about how to get to a place of generosity, while learning to give out of love instead of guilt. Tune in to learn more about teaching your children how to give, shifting your mindset to become more generous, and so much more! 


Alexis Busetti is a personal finance coach, wife, and mom to four littles in Houston, TX. She is the co-author of Entrusted With Money: A 90 Day Workbook for Building a Healthy Relationship With Your Finances and host of the podcast That Makes Total Sense!  Alexis has been quoted in articles for U.S. News & World Report Money section and featured on As a believer in wealth-building, generosity, and social justice, she encourages her clients and friends to do well for themselves, so they can do good for others! Use the link below to connect with Alexis and follow her on Instagram @alexisbusetti

Here is the episode to learn more about Sinking Funds: 


38: Tatiana OHara

Today Fran chats with Tatiana to talk about business, financial freedom and how to network to grow your net worth! Tune in to learn more. 


Tatiana is the CEO and Co-Founder of first-generation motors, business coach and also a local realtor in the Atlanta area. Tatiana recently turned on her forever out of office auto-reply at her 9-5 to pursue working for herself! Learn more about her journey by listening in on this episode. 


How Tatiana got into "flipping car" [3:33]

Understanding who to interact with on social media [6:57]

How Tatiana Financially Prepared to leave her 9-5 [31:11]

How we get past Imposter Syndrome [44:58]


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Today, Michael joins Fran to talk about Net Worth and how to increase it! 

Michael Lacy is a husband, father, and the founder of Winning To Wealth- a site dedicated to helping young families win with money.

After discovering that they were $61,000 in debt on their honeymoon, Michael and Taylor came up with a plan and were debt-free within 16 months.

Once Michael realized so many other young couples weren't having essential money conversations or practicing good money habits, he decided to become a financial coach.

Having been seen in publications like Forbes and CNBC, Michael is committed to spreading the message that millennial couples can work together to achieve financial wellness and leave a solid legacy for future generations.

His site, e-book, and online course were all created to provide couples with practical tips and resources to help them communicate about money more effectively, create shared financial goals, and ultimately, manage their money as a team with confidence. Find Michael on the internet on the following platforms:


36: financiALLI Focused

Alli Williams is a personal finance blogger at She recently got married and is paying off six figures of debt. She paid for her wedding in cash while paying off debt, saving for retirement, and cash flowing her husband's school. She currently lives in South Carolina but was born and raised in New York. She hopes to build a community of empowered men and women who are equipped to set actionable financial goals and reach them. You can find her on IG at @financiallifocused and her Facebook group Millennial Money Moves. 


Alli will begin money coaching this winter!! This will be one-on-one coaching geared towards millennials who are trying to balance everyday life with paying off debt and saving for the future. Email alli@financiallifocused and put "BTL" in the subject line for 50% off the introductory rate. 

35: Savvy Girl Money

AShira Nelson is the creator of Savvy Girl Money. AShira is a wife, mom, and CPA. I've committed my life to helping people better their finances. Now, she is optimistically dedicated to helping millennials achieve their long-term financial goals. Despite whatever their financial history may look like, and whatever mistakes they have made with their money, AShira wants to help millennials realize that obtaining wealth is possible. She avoided many financial obstacles throughout her life, and she wants to help millennials do the same.
Most millennials have never been taught how to handle money. This is where Savvy Girl Money steps in! AShira wants to personally help millennials break generational habits when it comes to money. AShira can help eliminate a lot of stress by teaching you about finance. She works with individuals that don’t know what to do with their money, and how to manage their money. Essentially, they’re allowing their money to decide what they do. No more! It’s time to tell your money what it’s going to do.

34: Business Moves

Fran chats about how owning a business has given her new freedoms and some free tips and tricks she has learned along the way. 



33: Let It Go!

Join Fran on this episode as she chat about how to truly let go of your old money problems and start pressing on towards your future! 



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